"Your place or mine!"
Curly Burly Milling provides custom saw milling by turning your logs into lumber that is fit for fine woodwork and carpentry, such as cabinets, flooring or construction.  My Wood-Mizer™ saw can cut a log up to 32 feet long and 3 feet in diameter, but I have ways of handling larger projects.

"There is nothing too big for my chainsaw!"

Other Services
• Kiln
• Planer
• Straight-Line Rip
• Re-Saw
• Shaper & Molding
• Flooring (your logs or mine)
Besides custom saw milling, Curly Burly provides other services that will
help provide you the right lumber or finished wood for your project.

I also reclaim lumber!

I stock most of the common Oregon native hardwoods, as well as a few of the less common.  If you are looking for something unusual, please contact me.  I will see what I can come up with.
Hardwoods I deal in
Locust (Black)
Maple (Western Big Leaf)
Maple Burl
Oak (California black)
Oak (Oregon White)
Walnut (Western Black)

I am always looking to purchase hardwoods, either standing trees or down.